foolin out bein bool, like i do

40 Thevz – Tennis Shoe Pimpin (1997, Mercury)

Forgotten Coolio weed carriers (part of a rich tapestry of not owning your own weed, seeing as Coolio was originally WC’s weed carrier before WC went on to be Ice Cube’s weed carrier despite WC’s first single celebrating never having to carry weed ever again. Him choosing a name that could be an acronym for said sacred occupation makes this even more baffling. Eh, 20/20 Hindsight and all that. Surprised Robbie missed this one.) make a fairly good song about shoes. Thats high praise, rappers have been loving shoes and showing them they really mean it through song since prepubescent Puff Daddy was posting up* at Latin Quarters scooping girlies and making them cry.

Their first album is severely hampered by the kind of capital O fonky production and cornball turns of phrase beloved of their weed purchaser (one songs actually called Thank God For The Children) but they break out the M.O.R. mould on the second one and made this nice tune about being paranoid.

 40 Thevz- Watchin’ You (2000, Lef 4 Dead album)

Im only joshing about Coolio though cos tbh playboy, if you are under 30 and don’t know every word of this:

you’re likely also unfamiliar with the relief  LV’s beautiful r&g punk smoov shit brought to a young foreign type borkin’ outta control  after a solid hour of Babylon Zoo and Brimful Of Asha and you’re almost certainly unaware that G is for Gangsta and not for Giraffe.

*speaking of which, Paul Wall bb, the much maligned comin’ dahn, posted up like everything possible posterboy, has contrary to popular opinion consistently made and been on loads of perfect songs over the last decade while his more celebrated ghostwriter has been more or less unbearable since they parted ways. I dunno what the science behind it is but hes somehow defied every Rappin’ Ofay rule there is while working with a tiny toolkit of Texas rap cliches and at most, 3 rhyme schemes, yet still somehow keeps being on those ones.

Big Pokey – Let Them Boys Know ft. Paul Wall & Lil Keke (2008, Evacuation Notice album)

Like this, a song about driving cars with low centres of gravity featuring two SUC lads thats way better than you’ve any right to expect it to be in 2008. It could be anyone sounds good over Beanz N Kornbread sampling Walk On By but odds are its that magic you’re gifted with when you keep them boppers boppin’ and have more carats than vegetable soup. I think this is a sequel to a tribute to June 27 Freestyle I heard once?

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