buggin out

boy dog

 The Jacka – Probably Say (2012, Tonite Show)

The first verse here is about being ready for when Skynet declares martial law/those dern reds get the drop on us. Now maybe its just standard rap paranoid fantasy but theres a few red flags for anyone whos seen all the stonefaced camo-ed up dudes on Doomsday Preppers show the rest of america where they keep their pickled eggs:

“smoke weed and get deep right in my living room
my neighbour cant sleep, every day he prep for doom
people think he crazy but i got respect for dude
every day the world changing so now I’m a prepper too
i store water and wheat, in the back row vegetables
stack ammo and heat just in case armageddon soon
got 87, 89 and unleaded fuel
map the quickest way out the city, tell my family soon
rap ready to die for the land that im standing on
so when the fall of babylon come we can carry on”

Alternate theory: Jacka just lives next door to a troubled man and this is Husalah’s plan so he doesnt have to steal pies off window sills and less than beautiful and gorgeous menswear off clotheslines next time hes on the lam.

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