rap television

Rap’s Most Wanted, 1991 featuring 2 Live Crew, Chuck D, Too Short, HWA, Ice-T & Geto Boys

Shouts to Amerikkka for fucking with all these dudes(and uh, HWA) to where Luke had to round them all up to speak their piece in my new favourite documentary, starring the rap interview dream team from that era with only maybe KRS sitting it out on the bench.

Its basically the 1991 equivalent of the fabled What! What! The Movie that we got a glimpse of recently. At a guess the subject matter here (PMRC, racism, rap CNN etc) is a bit weightier than that but the informal pissing about atmospheres just as rare(especially in Chuck and Ice-T’s bits. Chuck’s reaction to Brother Marquis “black awareness” quips a beaut). Probably as much down to them treating it like some underground tape as it is (much like with Nore)Luke’s bawdy likability rubbing off on them, when theyre usually talking to the enemy speaking on behalf of rap music with their guards up or at the very least talking to someone theyve never been on tour with and seen getting his john thomas slobbed on stage.

Heres the quotes Id say Luke wanted to use in the ads for this, I doubt there was many.

“To me, the statue of liberty, if you was to lift up the skirt on the statue of liberty you’d see that America is nothing but a disease packing bitch.” – Bushwick Bill

“Everybodys got a social security number, everybodys got an address, phone number. You say well boom- if these are the people coming after me this is how you reach them. Then if something happens to me…” – Chuck D

“What are you doing after this? How about it Luke? you wanna know how the pussy is, stop asking so many damn questions!” – Baby Girl

“I used to run into jewellery stores with a sledgehammer, jump up on the counter, break the glass. I got cuts all on my hands – I aint gonna show you no cuts, I aint Vanilla Ice.” – Ice-T

Ricky Ebert sez 2 thumbs up:

siskel ebert luke

lol @ the tumblr post for this getting zero notes, check out Luke’s other doc that year brh.

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