eff the world we luv furl


Cheers to the bootlegger who posted Mac Dre’s discography in CDQ the other day. Or as close to the whole thing as any sane persons gonna attempt, when his every studio scrap has been shamelessly recycled a dozen times over the last decade by dry snitch savant J-Diggs. (lol even Gucci doesnt love prison food this much: rob a load of banks-rap about it and call out detectives by name –get caught- name your record label after your bank robber gang – name your next label after popular drug -star in a HBO documentary about robbing banks and rapping about it -use label named after the popular drug as front for selling the popular drug – get caught etc.)

Anyways, of course theres omissions so heres a few:

 Rydah J Klyde – 50 Shotz ft. PSD, Mac Dre & Husalah (2003, The Fly Gangsta)

Aside from being graverobbed by his bumbling crook buddies and releasing like 50 albums, he was fond of featuring on on everyones shit, particularly these dudes’. I was late to the Rydah party myself but hes slept on, overshadowed by being in a group with the most beautiful/gorgeous/maineyest person out the bay since Max Julien and the lottery winner off Coco’s instagram. Its a pity cos hes a fairly reliable source of hard mobb type ones like this, with the best use of actual old sci-fi film sounding theremin noises since the Earthbound soundtrack.

 Mac Dre – How I Got This Name (1998, YBB Presents Constant Drama compilation)

“and after that, cock was nothin’ to me
so I flipped the script and stopped fuckin’ for free-
every bitch I dicked down had to kick down
whoever I tossed up had to cough up”

 Mac Dre “track 2″ (demo/underground tape, 199?)

Fairly sure this isnt a demo tape, internet (Little Bruce siggin isn’t from 1989 either) since (a) the producer he came up under owned his own label (b) no one who says “game” as much as him would try and go through a middle man (c) lol he explicitly describes his early career on the second song. It is impressive how fully developed his style was from the jump though and maybe its the era hes from, but its cool how he never properly cashed in on his irl shenanigans in his music, cop namedropping etc aside. He did have the benefit of coming out post Too Short/NWA etc and his rapper mentor went for similar points he could improve upon, but even during the goofier later years its basically the same mostly old school bragging with vague pimp/criminal wording.

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2 Responses to eff the world we luv furl

  1. First time I’ve ever heard this Rydah J. Clyde cut. Feel like there’s been an abyss in my life where it should’ve been.

    • done says:

      One day Agallah will find all these and its gonna be a sweet facebook post.

      Here, do you still have his comp with Keak’s P.I.M.P. on it? I saw it on an old Fatlace post and have been going nuts trying to find it.

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