junkies junkies bastard

bag of dope

“sellin records but all my artists got heroin habits” 😦

In an attempt to fill in the blanks lately on (the now forever doomed to ungooglebility) K.Gates, I found hed gone and redeemed the irredeemable. Generally rapper tributes are the worst kind of rap nerd wank – Edan’s Kool Keith impression, the skin crawling REKS song where he does even shitter impressions of dead lads, that time Nas read Rakims official bio aka the music equivalent of opinions from the desperate journalist/failed comedian talking heads that show up on list shows.

B-32 – K. Gates (2012, Walking On Hell Fire tape)

Til the NOLA Eamonn Andrews busted out the big red book and managed a very tasteful homage, over a classic Manifest/JBs beat no less, to the most fascinating CEO rapper dude ever, Bubba Birdman Handrub Williams himself. A bit too tasteful tbh, couldve done with some OG Hot Boy coming out from behind the door pointing fingers, like Bernie not Mouse, re: certain rappers untimely demises.

“only messing with rappers thats under 15, I can control em, shape em and mould em”

Wheels Spinnin, Gear Shifted – AP 9, Husalah and some people I cant recognise, turn of the centuryish

Unreleased Mob Figaz! This is hard and its kinda about cars, dunno what else to tell you. These dudes have a heap of songs, a EU food mountain of songs, so of course youll get some lost in the mix but its still surprising something like an unreleased Mob Figaz/Ghetto Starz compilation exists, they release everything possible. Surely/hopefully all these verses and beats wouldve been recycled or put out whole on a dozen albums by now? This tapes so garbled, theyre young on it and Ive trouble distinguishing between some of these cunts at the best of times, need help plz.

Update: Slim, interviewed for an hour, irl, for real, no foolies

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