Slap is so severe


Perkin, Swervin n’ Mergin

Its very nearly hot out there and so its important to counteract all them UVs with enough LRP vibration to make the samskwanch in E-40’s trunk think its mating season. All the better if someone can wreck a nice beach fluently over that knock and few rap producers have as comfortably made the music with their mouths clenched as Bosko. Dj Quik actually talkboxed with God and theres cases to be made for Fredwreck or Battlecat, I’m not sure if their sounds are as closely tied to the machine though. Bosko raps and sings aswell but this comp is all brontosaurus slump and a fair amount of him chewing on that tube.

40, Luniz and his mate Cool Nutz kept hogg-ing his best shit, so sadly took k-Fed, Flo Rida and Limp Bizkit’s spots here. His masterpiece is missing too but if you want to hear him and his muse peaking and doing the most in their lanes you should go get Charlie Hustle or Element of Surprise. I learned putting this together that that’s him on TI’s Let me Tell You Something, which is v cool.

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8 Responses to Slap is so severe

  1. M says:

    “Bosko on the trizzack!”

    Never knew he did Rat Heads. That’s my favourite late-career C-Bo song.

  2. d says:

    yeh its a tune, I think it was matthew africa who put me up on that one RIP

  3. nyquil says:

    Yeah it was Matthew Africa who showed the rap internet and myself that Ratheads track.
    Bruv, any chance you could re-up this Perkin, Swervin n’ Mergin mix to zippyshare?

  4. Swagon Bannangoes says:

    Apologies, any chance of a secondary Re-up of Perkin, Swervin n’ Mergin, sir?

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