Young Dant & Benny – Whole Lotta Action (2017, youtube)

I forgot my tumblr pw and it feels good. Bang away and hack it, covertly manage a rap group, look up sepia tone pr0n gifs, politick with the young go getters who dress like Aaliyah and whatever else felt natural in 2010. Heres some rap songs I have been listening to.

Koly P – My Projects (2016, Real Diamonds)

Shouts to Hotbox who has been posting Koly songs a lot. Viable beatjacks are near extinct in my eyes but if you have to they should at least be novel and saying the words “Coo Coo Cal” doesnt ever get old imho.

Rated R – My Cheese feat. Jayo Felony & Supervision (2001, The Real First Family compilation)

The weed passes through so many hands and the roles have kept shifting so much in the past decade or so, the only way to safely not get dragged and doxxed for your problematic views on rap sidecars is to seek out the inner GOATs in the flimsiest entourage you’d previously dismissed. Presumably nirvana awaits on Berner’s monster munch crumbed couch but before you ascend theres some burgandy leather vests, Rosie The Riveter bandannas and poorly spelled despots to soak up. Lads, swear down not only do Thug Life have joints post 1994, the Outlawz are good too! Need this compilation in my life if anyones feeling generous.

Love Jayo “I’ll catch you like Iron Michael” lol

Geaux Yella – You Mad ft Ronnie Rapgame (2016, Dollar Signs & Polo Horses)

It could just be Louisiana favoritism or it could be all the homogenized bando man droning/Mustard lite slap out there but this shits been a right drink of water. Theres plenty of regional sounds that haven’t been spread thin on the Drake toast yet but it feels rly reassuring that something fresh, rooted in a specific place and seemingly unamenable to lame saturation can still sprout up, even if its just a slight development in baton rouge rap production.

It needs a name if only so people can harangue Boosie with demands he rap over more of it, instead of the milquetoast nothing hes been on since prison. If all that post-Jacka a v srs man reality rap can have a name (Sobb Music) then whatever Trel Itz A Hit beats are needs one.

Also, here man – Ronnie Rapgame

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2 Responses to Misc

  1. Chinese John says:

    I already named Trel Itz A Hit-core – Beserker-Bounce.

    Did you coin Sobb Music? Like it.

    • d says:

      Yes? Im 90% sure I did, I think.

      yes man Beserker Bounce is the one, Im sticking with that.

      Just wanna reiterate that Robbie Rapgame is the best rap name Ive heard in ages.

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