P is for the player

Calvin T is still rapping. Calvin T is still a monster. I hope E-40 signs Calvin T and there is a Calvin T album before a Nef or a Peezy album.

Calvin T – Bottom Bitch (2014, youtube)

“straight guilty but if I cant beat the case
well I’m gonna stay sucka free, sexy & safe”

“I’ll be a motherfucker if I’ll just sit up here stuck
you gotta put something down in order to pick something up”

Calvin t – Bring It (2016, youtube)

“So I just kept on rapping, said whats happening
checking this bitch for various flaws
and you know whats on my mind right at the same time
I gotta keep my dick up in my drawers”

Calvin T – Huh Mayne$ (2017, youtube)

“besides my bottom bitch aint any other motherfuckers i fuck with
with the exception of E-40, Mac Mall, Mac Dre, 2Pac & B-Legit
but now with all due respect we gonna let the record reflect
way before we ever met, everyone of them n**as had that Calvin T in the deck”

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