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Slap is so severe

Perkin, Swervin n’ Mergin Its very nearly hot out there and so its important to counteract all them UVs with enough LRP vibration to make the samskwanch in E-40’s trunk think its mating season. All the better if someone can … Continue reading

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ph level

 Kool Daddy Fresh – Born To Slang (PT. II) (1994, Murder Dog Presents: Piranha Killer Fish 5823/Kool Daddy Fresh- Plottin’) From what I can gather, Murder Dog compilations had a pretty simple format: one song by Al Kapone, a dozen … Continue reading

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sean penn burnerz

 Castro the Connect – Crayola (1998, single) It seems Gucci’s paint chip book fetish (“my _____ grapefruit, my _______ salmon”) and Saigon’s All In The Same Gang rehash/legitimate threat to society via teaching gang members that red tracing paper over … Continue reading

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drank and my two steps back

Like a lot of people from europe* who spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about rap music , I was once somewhat of a Jeru. Never to the point I was religious with it but yeah playa-hatin used to … Continue reading

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the legend of curlys gold

That recent E-40 song with Guce and Black C has had me digging up the only surviving member of the legendary RBL Posse‘s solo ouput and it turns out, like so many other bay area rappers, he’d never really stopped … Continue reading

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what the feck are they yellin

march 08 issue. IV FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO USE THE SCANNER RIGHT in light of nathaniel’s untimely new role as inspiration for booze spilling i figured it would be appropriate to post this gangsta-themed issue, mostly centred around the … Continue reading

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eee aye eee aye oh

april 09 issue. im really not a fan of how everyones saying  mc (especially with that stupid fuckin limp bizkit spelling) and hiphop these days, especially if they think that using those words somehow legitimises the music more. from what … Continue reading

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