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this is the carter

Reading Yayo’s review of the OG martian’s latest single with Ricky got me reminiscing on what I consider the biggest wasted opportunity in recent memory, (not including 50 not delivering on his promise of expanding on his Hate It Or … Continue reading

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March 2006 issue. SMALL FILESIZE+(fairly)HQ. I’ve it sussed. Once again, its a tigole bist. Id read issues prior to this and iv since aqquired earlier ones but this here is my introduction proper to HHC. It was round the time … Continue reading

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theyl try and snatch that mic off his arm

  i present the uniquely based musical stylings of wando. i first heard him on light weight heavy radio, and prior to his hotfire being spit the hosts told him he would have to do it accapella because the studio … Continue reading

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damn patna howd you survive some shit like that therra without goin into a comaaaa

man. he said hed be gettin in the dx interview hed be gettin back to his older ways, he obviously meant it. i love his shit from the last half-decade and them schizo hyphy punch you in your face beats … Continue reading

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