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the sixth estate

While the shtick is admirable and neccesary too (in my opinion, at least), its great to see him play it straight for once to adress the rampant hysteria thats been following them around like a bad smell/boosting their profile, especially … Continue reading

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the hardest man in town

im gonna break the third wall (is that even a thing in this kind of writing? im not too scholarly.) here for a moment, cos(**update** ha its the fourth wall, im such a dumbass. im also fairly sure now that … Continue reading

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this fella is money

skip to 4:50 (or 6:15ish if you hate salute) for the magic (via video thunder) i cannot understand why people dismiss his beats as cacophonous discordant noise. i mean, its certainly noise but lord baby jesus what fuckin noise it … Continue reading

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theyl try and snatch that mic off his arm

  i present the uniquely based musical stylings of wando. i first heard him on light weight heavy radio, and prior to his hotfire being spit the hosts told him he would have to do it accapella because the studio … Continue reading

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this is some frank spencer/kenan and kel/ fawlty towers/ glueing your dick to your hand scene from american pie 2 shit. exept its actually  fucking real. there is nothing you can add to this, its too good. its like that … Continue reading

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are you the minister for gee?

//l;^fll skip to round 1:40 (ignore the not very funny “stand-up” at the start, their game was dead sloppy back then. iv seen them live since tho and they are now swagged the fuck out#, dancin bitches on stage in … Continue reading

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i came into college late  there a few weeks back and they were showing this and the fact i was still a bit gonzo from the night before may have played its part but this had me laughin somethin awful. … Continue reading

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* (click to resize) this album is still far too slept on, despite the blog love**.  ignore them clowns sayin its boring, they probably think pills exitement personified. maybe if you double drop his namesake prior to listening. they were … Continue reading

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day one

right. i first thought of doing this ages ago as a magazine scan place ala thimk or press rewind and thats still the plan but iv noticed a disturbing pattern of me borderline trolling a lot lately which got me … Continue reading

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