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betha but not as good

  I write things on this now too: http://damnheresatissue.tumblr.com/ Tumblr is still the devil.

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using every aspect at my disposal to project my creative thoughts

I could not give a fuck about wrestling* but this here is gas.**   * I remember when that would have been a lie though. ** But not according to the bay. Youd need a 6-month language tape course to … Continue reading

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i came into college late  there a few weeks back and they were showing this and the fact i was still a bit gonzo from the night before may have played its part but this had me laughin somethin awful. … Continue reading

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poker chips>>>microchips

from makin puns in binary code to bangin strippers and minor soap actresses, and all it took was some christy moore cart that looked like the taxi from total recall.  

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day one

right. i first thought of doing this ages ago as a magazine scan place ala thimk or press rewind and thats still the plan but iv noticed a disturbing pattern of me borderline trolling a lot lately which got me … Continue reading

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