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P is for the player

Calvin T is still rapping. Calvin T is still a monster. I hope E-40 signs Calvin T and there is a Calvin T album before a Nef or a Peezy album. Calvin T – Bottom Bitch (2014, youtube) “straight guilty … Continue reading

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Young Dant & Benny – Whole Lotta Action (2017, youtube) I forgot my tumblr pw and it feels good. Bang away and hack it, covertly manage a rap group, look up sepia tone pr0n gifs, politick with the young go … Continue reading

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Slap is so severe

Perkin, Swervin n’ Mergin Its very nearly hot out there and so its important to counteract all them UVs with enough LRP vibration to make the samskwanch in E-40’s trunk think its mating season. All the better if someone can … Continue reading

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junkies junkies bastard

“sellin records but all my artists got heroin habits” 😦 In an attempt to fill in the blanks lately on (the now forever doomed to ungooglebility) K.Gates, I found hed gone and redeemed the irredeemable. Generally rapper tributes are the worst … Continue reading

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eff the world we luv furl

Cheers to the bootlegger who posted Mac Dre’s discography in CDQ the other day. Or as close to the whole thing as any sane persons gonna attempt, when his every studio scrap has been shamelessly recycled a dozen times over the … Continue reading

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rap television

Rap’s Most Wanted, 1991 featuring 2 Live Crew, Chuck D, Too Short, HWA, Ice-T & Geto Boys Shouts to Amerikkka for fucking with all these dudes(and uh, HWA) to where Luke had to round them all up to speak their … Continue reading

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buggin out

 The Jacka – Probably Say (2012, Tonite Show) The first verse here is about being ready for when Skynet declares martial law/those dern reds get the drop on us. Now maybe its just standard rap paranoid fantasy but theres a few … Continue reading

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