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Calvin “Guitar” T – Mack(?) 2021

“Bitch what? Aint no exceptions or no buts,

Everything up in this motherfucker youre gonna touch, fucking with T Tuck

you better bet your luck, i aint accepting anything under at least seven or eight hundred bucks”

Please be to god theres a hq version of this. Maybe the shopkeeper bought a stack of cds after.

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P is for the player

Calvin T is still rapping. Calvin T is still a monster. I hope E-40 signs Calvin T and there is a Calvin T album before a Nef or a Peezy album.

Calvin T – Bottom Bitch (2014, youtube)

“straight guilty but if I cant beat the case
well I’m gonna stay sucka free, sexy & safe”

“I’ll be a motherfucker if I’ll just sit up here stuck
you gotta put something down in order to pick something up”

Calvin t – Bring It (2016, youtube)

“So I just kept on rapping, said whats happening
checking this bitch for various flaws
and you know whats on my mind right at the same time
I gotta keep my dick up in my drawers”

Calvin T – Huh Mayne$ (2017, youtube)

“besides my bottom bitch aint any other motherfuckers i fuck with
with the exception of E-40, Mac Mall, Mac Dre, 2Pac & B-Legit
but now with all due respect we gonna let the record reflect
way before we ever met, everyone of them n**as had that Calvin T in the deck”

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Young Dant & Benny – Whole Lotta Action (2017, youtube)

I forgot my tumblr pw and it feels good. Bang away and hack it, covertly manage a rap group, look up sepia tone pr0n gifs, politick with the young go getters who dress like Aaliyah and whatever else felt natural in 2010. Heres some rap songs I have been listening to.

Koly P – My Projects (2016, Real Diamonds)

Shouts to Hotbox who has been posting Koly songs a lot. Viable beatjacks are near extinct in my eyes but if you have to they should at least be novel and saying the words “Coo Coo Cal” doesnt ever get old imho.

Rated R – My Cheese feat. Jayo Felony & Supervision (2001, The Real First Family compilation)

The weed passes through so many hands and the roles have kept shifting so much in the past decade or so, the only way to safely not get dragged and doxxed for your problematic views on rap sidecars is to seek out the inner GOATs in the flimsiest entourage you’d previously dismissed. Presumably nirvana awaits on Berner’s monster munch crumbed couch but before you ascend theres some burgandy leather vests, Rosie The Riveter bandannas and poorly spelled despots to soak up. Lads, swear down not only do Thug Life have joints post 1994, the Outlawz are good too! Need this compilation in my life if anyones feeling generous.

Love Jayo “I’ll catch you like Iron Michael” lol

Geaux Yella – You Mad ft Ronnie Rapgame (2016, Dollar Signs & Polo Horses)

It could just be Louisiana favoritism or it could be all the homogenized bando man droning/Mustard lite slap out there but this shits been a right drink of water. Theres plenty of regional sounds that haven’t been spread thin on the Drake toast yet but it feels rly reassuring that something fresh, rooted in a specific place and seemingly unamenable to lame saturation can still sprout up, even if its just a slight development in baton rouge rap production.

It needs a name if only so people can harangue Boosie with demands he rap over more of it, instead of the milquetoast nothing hes been on since prison. If all that post-Jacka a v srs man reality rap can have a name (Sobb Music) then whatever Trel Itz A Hit beats are needs one.

Also, here man – Ronnie Rapgame

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Slap is so severe


Perkin, Swervin n’ Mergin

Its very nearly hot out there and so its important to counteract all them UVs with enough LRP vibration to make the samskwanch in E-40’s trunk think its mating season. All the better if someone can wreck a nice beach fluently over that knock and few rap producers have as comfortably made the music with their mouths clenched as Bosko. Dj Quik actually talkboxed with God and theres cases to be made for Fredwreck or Battlecat, I’m not sure if their sounds are as closely tied to the machine though. Bosko raps and sings aswell but this comp is all brontosaurus slump and a fair amount of him chewing on that tube.

40, Luniz and his mate Cool Nutz kept hogg-ing his best shit, so sadly took k-Fed, Flo Rida and Limp Bizkit’s spots here. His masterpiece is missing too but if you want to hear him and his muse peaking and doing the most in their lanes you should go get Charlie Hustle or Element of Surprise. I learned putting this together that that’s him on TI’s Let me Tell You Something, which is v cool.

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junkies junkies bastard

bag of dope

“sellin records but all my artists got heroin habits” 😦

In an attempt to fill in the blanks lately on (the now forever doomed to ungooglebility) K.Gates, I found hed gone and redeemed the irredeemable. Generally rapper tributes are the worst kind of rap nerd wank – Edan’s Kool Keith impression, the skin crawling REKS song where he does even shitter impressions of dead lads, that time Nas read Rakims official bio aka the music equivalent of opinions from the desperate journalist/failed comedian talking heads that show up on list shows.

B-32 – K. Gates (2012, Walking On Hell Fire tape)

Til the NOLA Eamonn Andrews busted out the big red book and managed a very tasteful homage, over a classic Manifest/JBs beat no less, to the most fascinating CEO rapper dude ever, Bubba Birdman Handrub Williams himself. A bit too tasteful tbh, couldve done with some OG Hot Boy coming out from behind the door pointing fingers, like Bernie not Mouse, re: certain rappers untimely demises.

“only messing with rappers thats under 15, I can control em, shape em and mould em”

Wheels Spinnin, Gear Shifted – AP 9, Husalah and some people I cant recognise, turn of the centuryish

Unreleased Mob Figaz! This is hard and its kinda about cars, dunno what else to tell you. These dudes have a heap of songs, a EU food mountain of songs, so of course youll get some lost in the mix but its still surprising something like an unreleased Mob Figaz/Ghetto Starz compilation exists, they release everything possible. Surely/hopefully all these verses and beats wouldve been recycled or put out whole on a dozen albums by now? This tapes so garbled, theyre young on it and Ive trouble distinguishing between some of these cunts at the best of times, need help plz.

Update: Slim, interviewed for an hour, irl, for real, no foolies

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eff the world we luv furl


Cheers to the bootlegger who posted Mac Dre’s discography in CDQ the other day. Or as close to the whole thing as any sane persons gonna attempt, when his every studio scrap has been shamelessly recycled a dozen times over the last decade by dry snitch savant J-Diggs. (lol even Gucci doesnt love prison food this much: rob a load of banks-rap about it and call out detectives by name –get caught- name your record label after your bank robber gang – name your next label after popular drug -star in a HBO documentary about robbing banks and rapping about it -use label named after the popular drug as front for selling the popular drug – get caught etc.)

Anyways, of course theres omissions so heres a few:

 Rydah J Klyde – 50 Shotz ft. PSD, Mac Dre & Husalah (2003, The Fly Gangsta)

Aside from being graverobbed by his bumbling crook buddies and releasing like 50 albums, he was fond of featuring on on everyones shit, particularly these dudes’. I was late to the Rydah party myself but hes slept on, overshadowed by being in a group with the most beautiful/gorgeous/maineyest person out the bay since Max Julien and the lottery winner off Coco’s instagram. Its a pity cos hes a fairly reliable source of hard mobb type ones like this, with the best use of actual old sci-fi film sounding theremin noises since the Earthbound soundtrack.

 Mac Dre – How I Got This Name (1998, YBB Presents Constant Drama compilation)

“and after that, cock was nothin’ to me
so I flipped the script and stopped fuckin’ for free-
every bitch I dicked down had to kick down
whoever I tossed up had to cough up”

 Mac Dre “track 2″ (demo/underground tape, 199?)

Fairly sure this isnt a demo tape, internet (Little Bruce siggin isn’t from 1989 either) since (a) the producer he came up under owned his own label (b) no one who says “game” as much as him would try and go through a middle man (c) lol he explicitly describes his early career on the second song. It is impressive how fully developed his style was from the jump though and maybe its the era hes from, but its cool how he never properly cashed in on his irl shenanigans in his music, cop namedropping etc aside. He did have the benefit of coming out post Too Short/NWA etc and his rapper mentor went for similar points he could improve upon, but even during the goofier later years its basically the same mostly old school bragging with vague pimp/criminal wording.

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rap television

Rap’s Most Wanted, 1991 featuring 2 Live Crew, Chuck D, Too Short, HWA, Ice-T & Geto Boys

Shouts to Amerikkka for fucking with all these dudes(and uh, HWA) to where Luke had to round them all up to speak their piece in my new favourite documentary, starring the rap interview dream team from that era with only maybe KRS sitting it out on the bench.

Its basically the 1991 equivalent of the fabled What! What! The Movie that we got a glimpse of recently. At a guess the subject matter here (PMRC, racism, rap CNN etc) is a bit weightier than that but the informal pissing about atmospheres just as rare(especially in Chuck and Ice-T’s bits. Chuck’s reaction to Brother Marquis “black awareness” quips a beaut). Probably as much down to them treating it like some underground tape as it is (much like with Nore)Luke’s bawdy likability rubbing off on them, when theyre usually talking to the enemy speaking on behalf of rap music with their guards up or at the very least talking to someone theyve never been on tour with and seen getting his john thomas slobbed on stage.

Heres the quotes Id say Luke wanted to use in the ads for this, I doubt there was many.

“To me, the statue of liberty, if you was to lift up the skirt on the statue of liberty you’d see that America is nothing but a disease packing bitch.” – Bushwick Bill

“Everybodys got a social security number, everybodys got an address, phone number. You say well boom- if these are the people coming after me this is how you reach them. Then if something happens to me…” – Chuck D

“What are you doing after this? How about it Luke? you wanna know how the pussy is, stop asking so many damn questions!” – Baby Girl

“I used to run into jewellery stores with a sledgehammer, jump up on the counter, break the glass. I got cuts all on my hands – I aint gonna show you no cuts, I aint Vanilla Ice.” – Ice-T

Ricky Ebert sez 2 thumbs up:

siskel ebert luke

lol @ the tumblr post for this getting zero notes, check out Luke’s other doc that year brh.

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buggin out

boy dog

 The Jacka – Probably Say (2012, Tonite Show)

The first verse here is about being ready for when Skynet declares martial law/those dern reds get the drop on us. Now maybe its just standard rap paranoid fantasy but theres a few red flags for anyone whos seen all the stonefaced camo-ed up dudes on Doomsday Preppers show the rest of america where they keep their pickled eggs:

“smoke weed and get deep right in my living room
my neighbour cant sleep, every day he prep for doom
people think he crazy but i got respect for dude
every day the world changing so now I’m a prepper too
i store water and wheat, in the back row vegetables
stack ammo and heat just in case armageddon soon
got 87, 89 and unleaded fuel
map the quickest way out the city, tell my family soon
rap ready to die for the land that im standing on
so when the fall of babylon come we can carry on”

Alternate theory: Jacka just lives next door to a troubled man and this is Husalah’s plan so he doesnt have to steal pies off window sills and less than beautiful and gorgeous menswear off clotheslines next time hes on the lam.

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foolin out bein bool, like i do

40 Thevz – Tennis Shoe Pimpin (1997, Mercury)

Forgotten Coolio weed carriers (part of a rich tapestry of not owning your own weed, seeing as Coolio was originally WC’s weed carrier before WC went on to be Ice Cube’s weed carrier despite WC’s first single celebrating never having to carry weed ever again. Him choosing a name that could be an acronym for said sacred occupation makes this even more baffling. Eh, 20/20 Hindsight and all that. Surprised Robbie missed this one.) make a fairly good song about shoes. Thats high praise, rappers have been loving shoes and showing them they really mean it through song since prepubescent Puff Daddy was posting up* at Latin Quarters scooping girlies and making them cry.

Their first album is severely hampered by the kind of capital O fonky production and cornball turns of phrase beloved of their weed purchaser (one songs actually called Thank God For The Children) but they break out the M.O.R. mould on the second one and made this nice tune about being paranoid.

 40 Thevz- Watchin’ You (2000, Lef 4 Dead album)

Im only joshing about Coolio though cos tbh playboy, if you are under 30 and don’t know every word of this:

you’re likely also unfamiliar with the relief  LV’s beautiful r&g punk smoov shit brought to a young foreign type borkin’ outta control  after a solid hour of Babylon Zoo and Brimful Of Asha and you’re almost certainly unaware that G is for Gangsta and not for Giraffe.

*speaking of which, Paul Wall bb, the much maligned comin’ dahn, posted up like everything possible posterboy, has contrary to popular opinion consistently made and been on loads of perfect songs over the last decade while his more celebrated ghostwriter has been more or less unbearable since they parted ways. I dunno what the science behind it is but hes somehow defied every Rappin’ Ofay rule there is while working with a tiny toolkit of Texas rap cliches and at most, 3 rhyme schemes, yet still somehow keeps being on those ones.

Big Pokey – Let Them Boys Know ft. Paul Wall & Lil Keke (2008, Evacuation Notice album)

Like this, a song about driving cars with low centres of gravity featuring two SUC lads thats way better than you’ve any right to expect it to be in 2008. It could be anyone sounds good over Beanz N Kornbread sampling Walk On By but odds are its that magic you’re gifted with when you keep them boppers boppin’ and have more carats than vegetable soup. I think this is a sequel to a tribute to June 27 Freestyle I heard once?

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thank you the great pumpkin gawd

This has already passed its sell by date in most time zones that are concerned about rap music but some bloggers have men to see about dogs when ye be out there on the internet being punctual. Heres my pick of songs that had Bonecrusher begging to sleep in his parents’ bed and a few that just had “demon” and “zombie in the title:


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