foolin out bein bool, like i do

40 Thevz – Tennis Shoe Pimpin (1997, Mercury)

Forgotten Coolio weed carriers (part of a rich tapestry of not owning your own weed, seeing as Coolio was originally WC’s weed carrier before WC went on to be Ice Cube’s weed carrier despite WC’s first single celebrating never having to carry weed ever again. Him choosing a name that could be an acronym for said sacred occupation makes this even more baffling. Eh, 20/20 Hindsight and all that. Surprised Robbie missed this one.) make a fairly good song about shoes. Thats high praise, rappers have been loving shoes and showing them they really mean it through song since prepubescent Puff Daddy was posting up* at Latin Quarters scooping girlies and making them cry.

Their first album is severely hampered by the kind of capital O fonky production and cornball turns of phrase beloved of their weed purchaser (one songs actually called Thank God For The Children) but they break out the M.O.R. mould on the second one and made this nice tune about being paranoid.

 40 Thevz- Watchin’ You (2000, Lef 4 Dead album)

Im only joshing about Coolio though cos tbh playboy, if you are under 30 and don’t know every word of this:

you’re likely also unfamiliar with the relief  LV’s beautiful r&g punk smoov shit brought to a young foreign type borkin’ outta control  after a solid hour of Babylon Zoo and Brimful Of Asha and you’re almost certainly unaware that G is for Gangsta and not for Giraffe.

*speaking of which, Paul Wall bb, the much maligned comin’ dahn, posted up like everything possible posterboy, has contrary to popular opinion consistently made and been on loads of perfect songs over the last decade while his more celebrated ghostwriter has been more or less unbearable since they parted ways. I dunno what the science behind it is but hes somehow defied every Rappin’ Ofay rule there is while working with a tiny toolkit of Texas rap cliches and at most, 3 rhyme schemes, yet still somehow keeps being on those ones.

Big Pokey – Let Them Boys Know ft. Paul Wall & Lil Keke (2008, Evacuation Notice album)

Like this, a song about driving cars with low centres of gravity featuring two SUC lads thats way better than you’ve any right to expect it to be in 2008. It could be anyone sounds good over Beanz N Kornbread sampling Walk On By but odds are its that magic you’re gifted with when you keep them boppers boppin’ and have more carats than vegetable soup. I think this is a sequel to a tribute to June 27 Freestyle I heard once?

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thank you the great pumpkin gawd

This has already passed its sell by date in most time zones that are concerned about rap music but some bloggers have men to see about dogs when ye be out there on the internet being punctual. Heres my pick of songs that had Bonecrusher begging to sleep in his parents’ bed and a few that just had “demon” and “zombie in the title:


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make you a part of the pavement quickly

Heres the Poet solo debut that never was. It is suitably one note and does not feature the white dude/any emotion other than what you feel after mortally wounding a few dozen people.

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why mason wasnt a mason rly

Kanye has two sex tapes floating around, that according to various gossip outlets supposedly demonstrate his superhuman stamina and ability to use his “hehhhh” adlib appropriately or some shit. Guaranteed once theyre released it will if anything, further his career in an era where no one cares about sex tapes and this is why the rap media is illuminati funded. How is Yung Berg’s name synonymous for failure when every one of his robberies/self-pwns can easily be topped by one from fellow Chicago rappers Kanye and Lupe?

Lupe, a fucking god awful, artless, clumsy writer with  a Kweli-ian ability to count bars and Ron Howard voice, prone to the kind of sloppy, reactionary ideas you normally only encounter before age 20 at that point at the end of a long night of taking drugs when the epiphanies are coming in by the bundle and youre frantically agreeing with whatever deep thought fragment the crustie at the other end of the couch shits out. Except with those two people its just vague platitudes and with Lupe its this Alex Jones-strong conviction, gimmicky, muddled conceptualizing, inflammatory sloganeering (eg his deconstruction of “bad bitches”) and presented like its been peer-tested by the world’s finest sociology professors.

All this actual criticism is giving him too much respect though cos hes also the character who:

  • Made a condescending song about having conflicted feelings listening to gangsta rap/many sweeping statements about people glorifying capitalist rap shit etc before being revealed to have earlier in his career made as much of a flossy gangsta rap song as a beta clown like Lupe could: 
  • Performs a Tribe Called Quest tribute on a tv show made specifically for young people/rappers to show respect to their elders then forgets the lyrics/doesnt bother to learn them in first place. Later when asked to apologise, says he was thuggin’ too hard to be into Tribe and spent his youth listening to Spice 1 and Too $hort tapes
  • Proud of his superior reasoning and refusal to drop n-bombs then when provoked by Bol (bear in mind this was pre-rap blogs current ubiquity and industry cache) calls him a “bitch ass n***a”
  • Made a concept song about a young black man trapped in the cycle of crime and poverty or something, from the perspective of a hamburger 
  • He voluntarily named himself “fiasco”

etc etc

Kanye’s flaws as a rapper and public gaffes/transparent media stunts are well charted territory at this point so theres no need to detail every one. His knee-jerk Katrina “commentary” being treated like him just having a heartfelt, sincere moment when he just happens to be on the telly is understandable enough I suppose but the fact he is delusional enough to power through shit like taking himself too seriously to get a South Park parody about him taking himself too seriously to get jokes, and “fish sticks” isnt shouted at him at every public appearance from now til hes buried under the Vanity Fair building, isnt on at all.

Theres a difference between the arrogant lavish living in denial of the sort Rawse has perfected and being sonned repeatedly and not only getting all fauxmotional and not taking the shots like a man, then having your $cientologist media connects implant enough subliminal thetans in ads on Rap Radar and Worldstar that this shit is actually debated rather than universally agreed to be the car crashes they are. Once that element of doubt is in the air, any dents thats might have appeared in their rap armour are smoothed out.

Ye let yourselves be told Berg was a washed up pop rapper whos only skillz are being humiliated when hes clearly a pretty successful songwriter/producer and businessman caking off a decade long career in the music industry. Im glad Ma$e isnt the standard punchline anymore for many people though, since he was a great rapper with a classic debut, not recognized as such only because it was released immediately following De La & Jeru’s drawing a line in the sand with Rap Game Gordon Geckos on one side, rhythmless sci-fi fans and middle aged killjoys shaking their fists at any cloud with silver in it, on the other.

Here – I like my entertainers contradictory, with questionable personal beliefs and able to churn out a public incident or two like anyone else and you can go enjoy Kanye and Lupe’s bad rap songs(in Kanye’s case, the dozen or so that arent great/saved by more capable people) if you want, just leave poor Ma$e and Berg alone, make “lupefiasco” a verb and distribute your respect where its deserved. Your rapper dudes arent real rap superheroes, breh, theyre cubicle warriors who left their Comic Con tights on too long

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saint charles

Oh man, I did the knowledge and I may have been prematurely in the building feeling myself with the last post. Not only have the episodes I came across already been streaming at this really great blog for a few months, theres a few others including one that has Marilyn Chambers performing some innuendo laden, porno chic era Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus type jawn immediately following James’ weekly edutainment interview with an elderly lady who knew Booker T. Washington.

Heres the episode with Roni Hill and Lee Austin if you find their player too fiddly.

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high postin part two

Aint no elementary school ground playin:

-full episodes of James Brown’s Future Shock telly show! Man – far too much going on here for me to attempt to summarize so I’ll just grant one mention to ahead of her time, partial yamaka angle cap rocking young one at 5:50 taking the show’s name seriously. Ill try and upload the other episode to YT tomorrow if I’ve time.

Shouts to whoevers the sound stranger who put the work in finding and uploading them and of course, Martorealest for alerting me to this show’s existence in the first place but   , tbh



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mega mega mo mega

“Get The Quinn! Get the Quinn!”

What part of your interconnected networks is fucking with youtube in 2012? This past year or so, against all logic, its realigned itself with Mecca and increased the rare exclusive secrete artifacts count tenfold. Most of interest to the Rap Game Krelboyne interested in the minutae of his favourite rapper’s working week are the endless behind the scenes studio clips, concert footage and interviews, often the least salted of which are to be found on the traditional street dvd beloved of every gangsta rapper since Snoop Lion kicked down the buildings.

Whats so great about this particular documentary though is along with the obvious care and time that went into making it (filmed over the course of 4 years between 02-06) and relatively high production values, the limited niche appeal of dudes punching in a dozen times for an 8 bar verse, production nerdery, already platinum declarations etc are kept to a minimum. It also never feels exploitative, which is often a concern when youre an ofay comfy blogging from a certain selectively developed country that still has a lot of grass for road stripes and old boy politicans who ball like a far less sophisticated Freddy Rumsen:

Its mostly down to the subject. Always an engaging and thoughtful interviewee, the doc does a great job of being reflective of Cormega’s character, which is a ridiculous thing to say about someone whos effectively a stranger really but if theres one impression you get from ‘Mega its that he (again not to romanticize criminality) does appear to live by the codes & ideals that’re an integral part of his music. Despite the requisite screen time given to glassy eyed strongarm men in northface shouting out longitudes & latitudes and some minor flashing of small arms, he makes equal fuss of visiting a clinic for paraplegics and interviewing his charismatic older relatives. Like the other great remorseful thug dudes of the 00s – Z-Ro, Beanie, Jacka & Boosie its the introspection and conflicted morality as much as it is the balls out hard manning that makes him so fascinating.

 Cormega & Kool G Rap – Thugs At Work (unreleased, late 90s)

I mean theres Marly Marl, Hot Day, Tragedy & Poet talking about his feared battle rep, Kurupt, Pete Rock and PMD cameos, a classic Mob Figaz sideshow segment and so forth but what really makes makes it stand out from most haphazard rap dvds is the unbridled sincerity and folksy wisdom. Shit like him dropping “prestige is a cultural illusion” into casual conversation, giving up many important gear flossing minutes to a middle aged sports memorabilia dude and enthusiastically directing a game of musical chairs at his baby shower. As good as Wayne dismissing an interviewer because he asked about brass band music or Fettucinni P threatening to shoot people in their muscles is, theres definitely something to be said for following someone this earnest around for a few hours as they drop the occasional pearl and deconstruct rapper/hustler foibles.

 (freestyle with Noreaga and Superb from The Montana Way, 1997)

His recent recent interviews with Combat Jack and Brytburken are very necessary too. Now goodluck cos its a beautiful saturday and theres skin to damage.

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